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RTstudio is founded by Robert Theodoor (Bob) Willekens; proud owner of RTstudio and RTaudio.

Ever since a very young age I have always been fascinated by music and it's associated audio technology.

After obtaining my degree as Bachelor of Music I started off my musical career by working in live sound reinforcement. During my fifteen years of touring as a sound engineer I have gained quite some experience and have become fascinated by the magic of the studio environment. I started off at my home with RTstudio but soon it became clear that I wished to chase my dreams and own a studio!

RTstudio is located in a unique place in The Netherlands. An inspiring place where music, creativity and audio-technology come together. RTstudio uses state-of-the-art hybrid analogue-digital studio design.


Get to know more about RTstudio and meet me in person in the videos below!

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Production, recording & mixing

Live set design